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About us

Evento Empresa BCN is a company born as inheritor and successor of a team of professionals who worked intensely during the Olympic Games of 1992 in Barcelona in the events field.

Over the years, we have evolved and turned into a company devoted to the organization of corporate events with professionals of recognized experience in the fields of human capital management, infrastructures, creative trends, financial management and R&D.

Based in Barcelona, our team is used to communicating in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan, though the linguistic issue has never been an obstacle, since we rely on native Chinese, Russian and Portuguese partners and interpreters.

Our main goal is to keep growing as a leading corporate event company in Barcelona, on the basis of our well-defined corporate values.

One day we met, dreamt and believed that making real our passion for event organization would be an added value for other companies that needed our help.

Our corporate values

Team work

The best solutions came from our active collaboration with partners and clients. An efficient teamwork is obtained through the synergy among people, friendship, respect, participation, communication and responsibility. We work together to obtain the best results in our corporate events and to promote creativity, collective leadership and motivation.


To reach a high standard of quality in the corporate events that we manage and develop is our main objective. This makes us steadfast and very exigent with us and with all our collaborators.


We work studiously to offer the maximum level of performance. We use competences and the most appropriate capabilities of each of us, in every moment, looking for opportunities to improve and innovate.


If we combine a great deal of originality with relevant experience, passion for the work and a number of suitable competences, we obtain creativity and innovation. But new ideas are not enough; the only ideas that work are those that help our customers differentiate from their competitors.


We accept and take responsibility of our actions. The decisions we make are committed with the company and the service to others. We work with integrity to manage to achieve our vision and our mission.


We look for objectivity in our advices, as well as clarity and integrity in our offers, because we’re sure that honesty is the base of a long-lasting relation from which both parts can benefit.


For the successful development of any project we consider as essential the commitment assumed by each of the parts involved. If we develop a project with you, it’s because we feel part of it and wish your success.