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Corporate sports events agency in Barcelona

Sports events in Barcelona

Sports events and activities for companies

We plan the most attractive, effective and thrilling company sports events in Barcelona, taking care of every single detail in any season.

Our comprehensive management may comprise all the traditional phases of any sports event: promotion, enrolment, logistics, venue search, transportation, housing, most suitable ranking, coordination, continuous assessment, refereeing and award giving.

Additionally, we can combine the planning of the sports event with another more corporate oriented event or with any of our complementary services in Barcelona.

Corporate sports events and activities in Barcelona, Spain

Categories and types of sports events

The sports events we plan cover any sports type: paddle tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, cycling, marathon, archery, hiking, sea sports...

The kind of event can also change: championship, tournament, competition, league, race, pre-game meetings and Olympic Games.

Benefits for the company and employees

The planning of a sports event brings great benefits for both, the company and the employees.

The company improves its corporate image, performance, productivity, loyalty and employee knowledge. Turnover decreases, as well as absenteeism and shirking.

Employees improve their living standards, their physical and psychological conditions, their motivation and attitude, as well as their interpersonal relationships.

The results are in its whole quantifiable.

The goal [of a sports event] is oriented to boost the firm's spirit and the employee's health in order to obtain direct economic benefits.

The return of investing on the promotion of physical activity within the company is estimated to be between $2 and $5 for every dollar invested.

Shepard, R.J.: sports doctor and researcher in the corporate field.

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